RivCodes: Program with a purpose... Calling hackers, developers and designers— improve your community and win great stuff.

The County of Riverside's Information Technology Department and SmartRiverside are teaming up to put on RivCodes, our first Hack-A-Thon, to show the County's commitment to technology, increase awareness about open data, reach out to citizens and allow for easier use of public data.

RivCodes means "Riverside County Developer Event" and refers to our application programming event (Hackathon) that we are having to create applications based on open data. App contests have become popular fueled by President Obama's Open Data policy and the need for better ways to communicate with citizens. Examples of applications that have been created at other agencies are: "Where to find services", submitting a crime tip to the Sheriff's department, reporting potholes, a checkbook showing how the County spends money, and many others. Let's see what we can come up with together!

API's:  There will be opendata API's from ESRI and Socrata that were previously unavailable. We will also have Syncano's API available for your use.  Microsoft will provide BizSpark subscriptions to all qualified attendees, for more information about BizSpark see http://bizspark.com

Technical support: ESRI, Microsoft, Syncano and Socrata will be among the technical mentors on hand to help you with your projects.

RivCodes Hack Agenda: 2014

June 28, 2014   8:00am to 9:00 pm
 8:00   Sign in and Breakfast (Provided by Cisco)
 9:00   Welcome and Overview
 9:15   Introductions and Pitches
 9:30   Form Teams
10:00  Hacking Starts
           Breakout sessions
12:00  Lunch (Lunch Provided by Dell, Snacks provided by IBM)
1:00    Hacking Continues
5:00   Dinner (Provided by Motorola)
9:00   RCIC closes for the night

June 29, 2014 7:00 am to 12:00 pm

 7:00  RCIC opens
 9:00  Hacking Stops
 9:15  Presentations (3 minutes each)
11:00* Judges Deliberate
11:30  Winners Announced
*depending on number of presentations

Visit www.code.countyofriverside.us for more details

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$18,149 in prizes

First Place

plus a 1 month membership to riverside.io http://riverside.io/

Second Place

Third Place

More prize announcements to follow..

Sponsor Prize: Best Use of esri Technology


XBOX for the app that has the most potential impact to County constituents.

Sponsor Prize: Syncano First Place

a pre-ordered Amazon Firefly phone + 1 year of unlimited use of Syncano (a $6,650 value if all features are utilized)

Sponsor Prize: Syncano Second Place

Amazon FireTV + 6 months of unlimited use of Syncano ($3,100 value if all features are utilized)

Sponsor Prize: Syncano Third Place

3 months of unlimited use of Syncano ($1,500 value if all features are utilized)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


What to create: Try to solve one of the app ideas shown on our webpage or surprise us with your creativity (software applications, mockups, demonstrations, screenshots, more).

Participants must create a functioning prototype. The idea of the hack can be conceived previously however all code must be completed within the time limits of the event.


How to enter

The event, which is free, is open to programmers, product designers, media producers, software pros, and other experts who will brainstorm and collaborate to build, web and mobile apps aimed to provide a better quality of life through technology.


There are many great ways for companies to partner in the hackathon.

Go to www.code.countyofriverside.us  or for questions, email RivCodesInfo@rivcoit.org



Lea Deesing

Lea Deesing
City of Riverside Chief Innovation Officer & Executive Director of SmartRiverside

Kevin Carrington

Kevin Carrington
Founder & CEO of Carrington Case and riverside.io member

Gene Sherman

Gene Sherman
Vocademy Founder and CIO

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    the app or concept provides an innovative or creative approach to an idea
  • Usability
    the app or concept is intuitive and easy to use
  • Technology
    Sophistication of technologies used in its creation.
  • Usefulness
    the app or concept should enhance citizen engagement/employee experience
  • Sponsor Criteria: esri - best use of esri technology
  • Sponsor Criteria: Syncano
    Syncano Apps will be judged on: • Creativity • Use of Syncano platform • Number of Syncano features used •Functionality